I remember it vividly, not like it was just yesterday but not like it was twenty-two years ago either.  I was sitting in my great seats at the Great Western Forum watching as the game neared its great ending, the Lakers trying to put a little magic back in their first Magic-less playoff series with the Trailblazers, and we were cautioned about leaving the game that day. To a season ticket holder it was unusual to say the least.  I didn’t realize it when being broadcast during lulls in the game, but it soon thereafter became clear that there was an obvious effort on the part of the public address announcer not to stir any panic.

1965—The Genesis Of It All

In the summer of 1965, the New York World’s Fair was winding down its second and final season to its scheduled close on October 17th.  Its noble theme, Peace Through Understanding, weathered attacks from those rebellious few who noticed the conspicuous absence of any communist nation, as well as from the civil rights activists who threatened to block traffic with a planned Stall-In

Musings and Other Provocations

When I was a freshman in college, thinking of maybe majoring in Philosophy, I had the following conversation with my father: 

Dad: So, as Pre-law, what do you actually major in?
Me: No real pre-req’s, I can major in anything, but I was thinking, maybe...Philosophy.
Dad (after visibly grimacing and measuring his words): Well...perhaps you can double-major in Communications, so then at least we’ll get to hear about all you’re pondering.